Ivan Mariano Rodriguez Gelfenstein 

Is a retired orthodontist living in Miami, Florida. He began his career in San Juan de Los Morros, Venezuela, as a general dental practitioner in the private sector, serving the Acosta Clinic, as well as in the public sector, working at an institution operated by the Ministry of Education. Following several years specializing in orthodontics in Mexico, Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein returned to Venezuela, where he continued his work as an orthodontist at the Undamo Clinic in Caracas, the Clinic Centro Comercial Las Delicias in Maracay, and the Acosta Clinic. From 2004 until his retirement in 2012, he continued to establish himself in the Caracas region, joining locations such as La Oral Sis in Terrazas Club Hipico and a clinic in the Tamanaco City shopping center, among other professional affiliations.


ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Dr. Luis Fuenmayor Foro (Rector) I let know: That the citizen Bachelor, Iván Mariano Rodríguez Gelfenstein holder of the identity card No., aspiring to the title of Dentist, fulfilled all the requirements demanded by the laws to obtain it, therefore, on behalf of the Republic and by authority of the Law, I conferred on him the title of DENTISTRY. Take account of the diploma in the secretary of this university and the citizen Iván M. Rodríguez Gelfenstein is recognized and recognized throughout the republic as such a Dentist, with all the rights granted by law. In witness whereof I sign this diploma in conjunction with the secretary, the Dean, and two Professors of this Institute, in Caracas on the twenty-sixth day of the month of July, nineteen hundred and ninety-one. Years 181 and 132.


ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Awarded Iván Mariano Rodríguez Gelfenstein the Diploma of Specialty in Orthodontics. In view of the fact that he demonstrated to have fulfilled the requirements established in the Regulations for Postgraduate Studies dependent on this University and to have completed the corresponding ones in the Faculty of Dentistry of Tampico, Tam. “Truth-Beauty-Probity” Given in Cd. Victoria, Capital of the State of Tamaulipas, United Mexican States, on November 29, 1995 The Rector of the University, Ing. Humberto Francisco Filizola Haces. The Secretary General, M.D.Z. Fernando Ariape García.

1st Place Master Thesis

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Mexican Association of Orthodontics
Mexico, D.F. December 11, 1995. To whom it may concern: It is hereby stated that the orthodontic association of Centro de México, A.C. It is a subsidiary of the Mexican Association of Orthodontics, so the contest it organized in Puerto Vallarta entitled Free Subjects for Postgraduate Students of Orthodontics and where Dr. Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein turned out to be the winner of the 1st. Place: this board of directors has no problem endorsing said award since all this is for the good of future professionals. Sincerely. Dr. Mario A Garcilazo Ambriz. (Director)


ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Dr. Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein Having fulfilled all the requirements, has been elected a FELLOW of the World Federation of Orthodonstist, together with all its rights, privileges and responsibility thereof, on this 31st day of December 1998.

Gelfenstein Farm

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein farm

Founded in February 2013, Gelfenstein Farm comprises 60 acres of prime land in Ocala, Florida. Our top-quality facilities and cutting-edge technology combine with the unique natural features of Ocala to create the perfect conditions for the training of fine horses. Gelfenstein Farm’s greatest asset is our dedicated team, comprised of award-winning trainers and knowledgeable, caring experts proficient in all aspects of equine health, care and grooming. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide world-class services with a personalized touch infused with a warm, welcoming spirit.


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