Extreme heat in the United States resulted in the deaths of several people in several states.

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R. Gelfenstein - The National Service Weather Forecast Center announced that 28 states across the country were subject to an excessive heat alert and warned that high temperatures would approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing the risk of heat-related illness.

According to the report, at least 29 heat-related deaths in Arizona confirmed KNXV-TV news and reported that between July 10 and 16, at least 12 people lost their lives in Maricopa County alone. .

Not only has Arizona been affected by the heat wave, but other states like New York and Boston have issued warnings urging residents to stay indoors as much as possible and care for the most vulnerable at home.

The Philadelphia Newsletter WCAU shared that the Lehigh County coroner's office announced that a 73-year-old man died from "excessive heat exposure complicated by underlying medical conditions."

The Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) issued a statement explaining that a 66-year-old resident became the county's first heat death this year.

"We are very sad to report our first fatal heat-related accident this season," DCHHS Director Philip Huang said in a press release.

Problems caused by the extreme temperatures have spread to South Dakota, where the Pennington County Sheriff's Office announced that a hiker, identified as Maxwell Right, 22, died after collapsing and running out of water. Checks

AccuWeather expects above-average temperatures to continue in Texas and the Southern Plains through August," Porter told Newsweek.

"However, it appears that hot, dry weather will continue, as AccuWeather meteorologists accurately predicted months earlier," Porter said.

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